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Ancient Trees for Cello & Orchestra  [28 minutes]

Angels Rising for Orchestra with Organ  [13 minutes]

Birds in Flight for Orchestra  [2.5 minutes]

Blitz for Orchestra [5 minutes]

Blue Mountain for Strings  [12 minutes]

From the Morning Watch for Orchestra  [10 minutes]

King's Point for Orchestra*  [3 minutes]

Malko Vreme Ostana (Short Time to Go) for 3 Guitars, Cajon, & Strings  [7 minutes]

The Red Car Local (Down Hollywood & Highland) for Orchestra*  [3.5 minutes]

Snow Dance for Orchestra  [5 minutes]

Spirit Rounds for Orchestra  [10 minutes]

* Also for Symphonic Band


King's Point for Symphonic Band [3 minutes] - Grade 4

Memorial for Symphonic Band  [4 minutes] - Grade 3.5

Orion's Belt (The Hunter in the Sky) for Symphonic Band  [3.5 minutes] - Grade 1.5

The Red Car Local (Down Hollywood & Highland) for Symphonic Band [3.5 minutes] - Grade 3.5

Rogue for Symphonic Band  [3 minutes] - Grade 3

* Also for Orchestra


Gloria Patri for SATB Choir  [4.5 minutes]

Like Barley Bending for SATB Chorus & Piano  [5 minutes]

Musica Dei donum optimi for SSAATTBB Choir & Percussion  [5 minutes]


Arc & Current for Steel Drums or Mallets Duo  [8 minutes]

Canyon Trails for Guitar Trio  [15 minutes]

Chamber Dances for Flute & Saxophone or Violin & Viola  [11 minutes]

Children's Scenes for Flute & Piano  [10 minutes]

The Fountain at the Pavilion for Clarinet & Piano  [16 minutes]

Fountain Dances for Saxophone Quartet  [13.5 minutes]

Hot House for Saxophone Ensemble  [3.5 minutes]

Portraits and Sketches for Alto Saxophone & Piano  [16 minutes]

Trinity for Piano  [9 minutes]

Two Ocean Fanfares for Brass Ensemble  [10 minutes]


Music from the History Channel's Ancient Mysteries of the Bible:  Thief  The Investigation  

Music from the short film, At Play

Music from the short film, City of Angels:  Awakenings  Dormant Lives

Music from the short film, Wrong Address

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