Trinity  for Piano  [9 minutes]

Performed by Peter Gach at the California Center for the Performing Arts.

Instrumentation:  Solo Piano.

Year Composed:  2006

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Program Notes:  

Trinity was composed for the 25th anniversary of pianist, Peter Gach's association with the performing arts department at Palomar College.  The idea behind the music was to compose a piece based on a melodic fragment that Peter Gach improvised during a Fresh Piano concert and develop that fragment into a new composition.  The result of that experiment is Trinity.

Trinity is a single movement piece in three sections.  The first section begins with wide intervals, freely moving rhythms, and extensive pedaling that allows the open intervals to resonate together in thick clusters.  The cloud like form and textures, combined with accented motives are meant to paint a picture of a spirit above that is mysterious and powerful. The section ends with a cacophonous clamour as all 12 pitches are played and resonate together.

The piece then moves on to a more tranquil, watery section representing the spirit with us.  The water continues like an ostinato traveling with us throughout the section while bright chords splash in and out of the texture.

An extactic and loud burst of chords reminiscent of the end of the first section acts as a brief transition to the third and final section of the piece.  The watery ostinato turns into a rollicking bass line that spins and dances, representing the spirit within us.  The moving line is interupted by exuberent bursts jubilation as the piece builds up in intensity to an intense and exciting final chorus.

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